SunSweep is heading out to beautiful Las Vegas, Nevada from Sept. 10th – 13th to join the 2017 Solar Power International convention. SPI is the fastest growing solar show in North America and has been named by Trade Show Executives as one of the top 100 largest trade shows eight years in a row.

At the Solar Power International convention this September,

SunSweep will be demonstrating solar cleaning solutions, commercial solar panel cleaning technologies, and discussing the future of innovation in the solar cleaning field. SunSweep’s technology utilizes a light weight, modular design that does not require costly external hardware to be installed for operation. The system is easily placed on a row of solar panels and is manually pushed along at walking speed by one or two operators. SunSweep systems implement a dry brush solar cleaning technology which provide solar field operators with a cost effective solar panel cleaning solution. As most solar fields are located in deserts where water is scarce or difficult to transport, SunSweep offers a simple solution to eliminate the cumbersome and expensive process for more bulky, wet cleaning services.

In addition to selling our commercial solar cleaning technologies SunSweep offers cleaning services to customers within North America. After your purchase of a SunSweep System, SunSweep’s commercial solar power cleaning team can be contracted to perform all the necessary on-site cleaning throughout the year.

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