Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

What is SunSweep?

SunSweep provides patented, innovative solutions for cleaning solar panels to significantly improve power production efficiency, maximize revenue, and extend the life of the solar panels. SunSweep cleaning technology uses no water and does not require expensive external hardware to operate. Our customers can clean their sites more frequently while consuming less resources and fewer labor hours.

Are SunSweep brushes easy to use?

Yes. Our utility and commercial brushes are easily placed on your solar panels by two operators and can then be operated seamlessly by either one or two people at a relatively normal walking pace. Our residential brushes only need one person to clean rooftop panels.

What’s the difference between the MiniMax and the TriMax?

The MiniMax brush is best suited for cleaning solar sites with multiple panel orientation. We offer this brush in six different sizes to accomodate for this. The TriMax brush can only fit sites with single panel orientation. 

Can the MiniMax be manually adjusted to fit different sized solar panels?

No. SunSweep offers six different sizes of the MiniMax system to provide the best cleaning option for your different sized panels. SunSweep has designed the MiniMax to clean as efficiently as possible. Our brushes are positioned on a module to maximize cleaning power. Changing brush position to accommodate size would lead to decreased surface to brush contact, leading to lower quality in cleaning efficiency. 


My solar panels are not the exact size of any the MiniMax systems. Which one will work best for me?

Our MiniMax system has been tested and proven on virtually every solar panel produced by today’s top manufacturers. To best clean your panels it is better to match a MiniMax that extends past the bottom edge of the solar panel, guaranteeing complete brush coverage across the surface.


Do the brush wheels roll across the surface of my panels?

No. Our innovative system glides easily along the top edge of your panels on wheels that have been approved and tested for repeated use without causing damage.


Will the brushes scratch my solar panels?

Our brushes are manufactured specifically for cleaning solar panels and are warranted by large panel manufacturers for use on solar panels that do not have an anti-reflective coating.


How durable are your MiniMax and TriMax brushes?

The MiniMax is rugged. Our technology is made from industrial grade materials and designed to operate in the same harsh environments where solar farms are located.


How often do the MiniMax and TriMax require maintenance?

On average the brushes and springs on your MiniMax should be changed every 18-24 months. 


Where do I purchase the maintenance kits for my MiniMax?

We offer maintenance kits for all the MiniMax systems. You can easily purchase any parts you may need directly from SunSweep.


My solar panels are positioned higher off the ground then the most conventional solar arrays. Will the MiniMax system work on my site?

Sunsweep offers extension handles for all the MiniMax systems. We can accommodate panels that have a maximum height of up to 25 feet from ground level.


Will the MiniMax work on my sun-tracking panels?

Yes. We recommend you set the panels to a 45 degree angle for maximum cleaning efficiency.


Does the MiniMax or TriMax work on solar thermal or concentrator photovoltaic systems?

No. Our brush is designed for use on flat-panel photovoltaic solar panel systems.


Can I rent a MimiMax brush for my site?

No. Our brushes are for purchase only. 

Does the MiniMax come assembled?

No. Your MiniMax will require partials assembly upon arrival.


Do you only ship inside the United States?

No. Sunsweep systems are shipped worldwide. We provide the necessary paperwork for shipping and will work with your organization to find the best International Commercial Terms to fit your purchase and shipping needs.


Do you finance your systems?

No. SunSweep works closely with the Export Import Bank of the United States and other institutions to help clients purchase and finance our systems. 

How do I purchase a SunSweep cleaning brush?

You can contact SunSweep directly via phone, email, or traditional post to get a quote on which SunSweep cleaning system will most benefit your site or home.

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