Panel Cleaning for Your Home

Keep your rooftop solar panels operating at their best while saving time and money. We provide residential panel cleaning tools so you can do-it-yourself for easy maintenance.

SunSweep SolBrush

Our water-fed brushes work on all rooftop panels and for all homeowners. The SolBrush is fed water through a water pipe for simultaneous scrubbing and rinsing. The poles can extend anywhere from 5 to 18 feet to reach panels low or high off the ground. Just hook up the water pipe to a garden hose and clean away.

Product Features:

Adjustable length pole with locks

Spring-loaded brush to ensure even contact with solar panel module glass

5.4m (17.7 ft) water pipe with quick connect

Anti-slide handle

Includes squeegee attachment

Easy to store

One person required to operate

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