Why Clean?

Solar energy is quickly becoming the leading, most reliable source of energy worldwide. As the solar industry grows and demand rises, solar panel maintenance is increasingly essential to ensure peak performance and max energy savings.

Clean panels are the key to efficient solar energy production. Solar panel cells must receive sunlight to generate any energy. Debris on solar panel cells reduces the amount of sunlight absorbed, resulting in reduced energy output. The buildup of dirt and debris on solar panels is unavoidable, so regular cleaning is necessary to protect and improve panel efficiency.

Why clean utility and commercial sites?

Tens of millions of dollars can be lost due to soiling on solar panels. Dirt and debris on solar panels are inevitable threats to solar energy production, especially for solar plants located in deserts or dusty areas. It should be a priority for site operators and providers to maximize efficiency and minimize overall costs by cleaning regularly.

Why clean your home solar panels?

If you’re a homeowner with rooftop solar panels, you’re likely anticipating they’ll last as long as possible, especially long enough to receive your return on investment.

Maintaining clean home panels is essential to protecting the longevity of your investment. The buildup of dirt, bird droppings, and other debris pose a threat to the quality and lifespan of your rooftop panels. Routine cleaning is a simple way to ensure you reap the full rewards of home solar.

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