During the construction phase of any solar power plant, especially those in deserts, the use of heavy vehicles and machinery can cause increased soiling on solar panel modules from the dust and dirt these vehicles disturb during operation. This soiling leads to reduced solar energy production from the very start of the solar plants operation. SunSweep recommends that all newly completed solar power plants are cleaned thoroughly before becoming fully operational or after commissioning. Starting with clean panels will generate optimum solar power energy production from day one and provide a reliable starting point to base energy production data.

In addition to the MiniMax system, SunSweep offers solar panel cleaning services to commercial solar power plants in North America. Recently, SunSweep was enlisted to assist in the finishing touches on a newly built solar power plant in the Sonoran Desert in Southern Arizona. SunSweep deployed a solar panel cleaning team to ready the panels for site launch and optimize initial power production for the plant. The solar power plant, a 20 MegaWatt installment, was cleaned and readied for launch in less than a week by a SunSweep cleaning team using two manually powered, SunSweep MiniMax dry brush solar panel cleaning systems.

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